There are almost as many definitions for weekend getaways as there are amazing places to go. In Northern California alone, there are plenty of lakes, beaches, mountain resorts, historical towns, national parks, and vineyards to go see. Fort Bragg, for example, is just one of the excellent weekend getaway destinations in Northern California that offer stunning attractions and many outdoor activities.

Surrounded by the splendor of Northern California’s Redwood Forest and the Pacific Ocean, Fort Bragg is truly an ideal destination for family weekend getaways and couple’s romantic getaways. Being the largest town situated on the scenic coast of northern California, Fort Bragg presents a unique blend of natural and man-made attractions that lure the guests to visit and come back to it.

Fort Bragg’s Glass Beach is a popular example of an attraction showing how nature corrected man’s mistake. This beach, once the town’s garbage dump, is now smothered with shimmering, colorful shards of glass that are brought back by the waves that polished them to smooth, pebble-like glasses. It’s definitely a site to see!

Other than the Glass Beach, Fort Bragg can also boast about its century-old train called “The Skunk”. The Skunk line runs following the coastal “Redwood Route” as it has since 1885 and along the way, the passengers can witness deer drinking from the Noyo River, towering trees, solitary fisherman’s cabins, tunnels, bridges, and wide open meadows. It’s an experience you shouldn’t miss when spending a weekend getaway in Fort Bragg.

Located just a few miles south from the center of Fort Bragg is the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. It is 47 acres of oceanfront gardens, dense pine forests, streams, fern canyons, diverse plant collections, and flower filled bluffs. All of these offer every guest an enthralling outdoor experience.

Fort Bragg has more to offer; the Noyo River, the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse, and its Pygmy and Giant Redwood forests are just some of the other breathtaking sites to see in this charming town. The town’s rich cultural life is also something worth experiencing, so when spending a weekend getaway in Fort Bragg find time to visit its museum and art galleries. You can also watch some theatrical performances, or take a small walk around to enjoy the city scenes.

Many of Fort Bragg’s striking sites have not yet received designations but are available to be discovered. This place definitely provides endless opportunities for things to do and see to make every weekend getaway worthwhile.

There are many available accommodations in Fort Bragg ranging from idyllic bed-and-breakfast inns and quaint motels to full service resorts, so you’ll definitely find one that will suit your level of comfort and your budget for your romantic weekend getaway.