A crash has never felt this peaceful.

The 129-foot Burney Falls is ideal for weekend getaways and was once regarded as the 8th wonder of the world. When you see and experience it, you will be convinced that it might just be exactly that – complete wonder. It can inspire romance ideas in any couple. It is located within the Cascade Range and Modoc Plateau natural region, with 910 acres of forest and five miles of streamside and lake shoreline. Water coming from springs creates an even more chaotic beauty of nature collision, only to merge for the greatest waterfall that California will ever know. This is really the best place for weekend getaways.

Burney Falls Weekend GetawaysHere you will never run out of romance ideas. You can take things easy which makes this place perfect for your weekend getaway. You can hike down the canyon to Lake Britton, a glimmering cove of evergreen highlighted with sunlight. You can also start from the top of the falls up to the headwaters of Burney Creek where you can witness the water from underground emerging. You can think of more romance ideas to make the most out of your weekend getaway in Lake Britton by going fishing, boat launching and swimming. You can also take another trail to the Pioneer Cemetery for more adventures on your weekend getaway.

Here are some more romance ideas. You can go there on a Sunday to witness real blacksmiths pound steals into submission as they create a true work of art. This may be your only chance to watch the magic of the past coming alive. You can also watch and learn weaving and candle making for free. You can even take your candles home with you. Reserve it for more romance ideas in the future. This will make your weekend getaways beyond magical.

Make your weekend getaways  a time of discovery too.

Visit the Subway Cave which is 1/4 mile north of the junction of Hwy 89 and 44. The cave was formed some 20,000 years ago from flowing lava. It’s a real adventure so bring a jacket and flashlight.

And what are weekend getaways without camping?

You have access to the camping park amid the pine forest on the plateau above the creek.  Dare I say there are many romance ideas you can execute here with 128 campsites with picnic tables, fire rings and nature’s quiet serenity?  This is the perfect time to give each other some romantic gifts.

There is an abundance of lodging options for your weekend getaways. You can go for rustic-like cabins like Angelina’s or Green Gables for something more affordable. There is the Burney Creek Cottage if you need a bigger place or the Burney Mtn. Guest Ranch for easier access of the wilderness and majestic views of Burney Mountain where you have a chance to fulfil some of your romance ideas. Some cabins also provide guided horseback riding, swimming pool, daily continental breakfast and buffet-style dinner. There are also great bed and breakfast places here.

There is more to do around the Burney Falls for your weekend getaways like mountain biking, and hunting.  At night as you cuddle with you special someone, you will get first-hand experience at observing planets, comets, stars, distant galaxies like a real astronomer. So, start planning. Start planning those romance ideas. Bring some romantic gifts for each other. Make sure you call a reservation for your weekend getaways.