If your idea of the perfect Northern California vacation with your better half includes the great outdoors, picnics, or communing with nature, then Yosemite is just the place for you. Yosemite inspires the most romantic ideas even to those who don’t feel that traditional romance are a part of their personality. The memories you are bound to make are sure to become a cornerstone of your relationship. Whether you are thinking of romantic ideas on how to propose, a time to reignite your connection, or an experience to begin your journey with someone special, Yosemite will surely offer more than most typical Northern California vacations.

The Ahwahnee
The Ahwahnee may be the ultimate Northern California accommodation. You can have one of your best Northern California vacations here. It is perfectly designed to fuse nature with elegance. A quiet dinner with a view of the Yosemite Falls, Half Dome and Glacier Point is sure to set the perfect mood for any couple.
Inspiration Point
People flock to take a photo with the Yosemite Valley in the background. This is a staple on many Northern California vacations and for good reason. If you head to the south side of the road and climb the trail to the Old Inspiration Point, you will have some privacy for you and your loved one, and this will become one of your best Northern California vacations. Go when there is still some snow left, or during late afternoon to sunset for more romantic scenery.

Harden Lake
The best time to visit Harden Lake is in June and July when the wildfowers are in bloom.  However, the true beauty of this hike is just beyond the lake; you will get to a clearing for some amazing glimpses of the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne. Northern California vacations don’t usually include this route so the crowd will not be heavy which makes it a perfect place to execute some of your romantic ideas like kneeling down and asking her to spend eternity with you or giving your love a tender kiss.

Gates of the Valley
Northern California vacations are not complete without this. This is a classic Yosemite venture, so it can be crowded, but it is well worth a visit. Once you see the El Capitan and Bridalveil Falls, continue walking upstream. You will have a similar view without the crowd where you can take a break and have a relaxing chat and enjoy a few moments of solitude with your love in the very best that Yosemite has to offer. 

High Sierra Camps
High Sierra Camps is located high in the wilderness and you have to either hike by foot or ride a saddle. If you have some romantic ideas you want to pull off, make a special reservation to the High Sierra Camps. With a little bit of pre-planning, you can set up a simple space with flowers and candles.

Base of Yosemite Falls
Northern California vacations always include this destination in Yosemite. The spectacular view can inspire a variety of romantic ideas. It is best viewed from spring to summer. If you continue down the main trail until you reach the creek, you can enjoy the view of the falls without the hustle of the crowd.

Leidig Meadow
Marvel at the grassy meadow, look up at the amazing Yosemite Falls and Sentinel Rock, walk leisurely at the Swinging Bridge and picnic in the middle of the meadow. Northern California vacations are not complete without Leidig Meadow. The meadow offers a variety of places  for romantic ideas like a proposal or an “I love you” for the first time or an “I love you” after a long time.

Glacier Point
One of Yosemite’s most popular attractions is Glacier Point.  Northern California vacations have this as the highlight but if you come at sunset, you will have the advantage of proposing under the orange sky but romantic ideas like kissing and hugging will come naturally when you see the view. 

Mariposa Grove
Hundreds pass the Mariposa Grove going to the Grizzly Giant or Wawona Point but this doesn’t mean there are no romantic ideas you can pull off.  Choose any of the giant trees. The massive trees can provide you a spot to relax, talk and kiss.

Yosemite offers many more options for your Northern California vacations, so relax and enjoy the romance of this wonderful location.