The Northern Queen Inn is a very romantic getaway nestled in a small valley along highway 20 on the outskirts of the town of Nevada Union and nearby Grass Valley. If you take the Sacramento Street/Nevada Union exit and immediately turn right onto Railroad Ave you can see the entrance about a block away. As soon as you enter you drop down into a small valley and see the registration area next to the domed pool.

Romantic Northern Queen Inn

The Northern Queen Inn is part of an area with a large railroad and mining history. The town itself is also worth the visit as it has many small quaint shops with a definite 1800’s motif. The town is very clean, friendly, and comfortable.

The Northern Queen Inn sits on a small creek that has a cascading waterfall that dances down the rocks for the enjoyment of the patrons of the adjoining Trolley Junction restaurant. On the same side as the waterfall, are the tracks for the small gauge railroad that as the motel manager said “Runs when it stops raining and it warms up”. The brochure says that it takes about 1½ hours for the trip and stops several places on the tour. We plan on going back in June for another visit as soon as “It warms up and stops raining.”

The Northern Queen Inn has three different forms of housing. There are two motel complexes with both upper and lower units. The one unit sits close to the pool area. The other unit is up the hill next to the restaurant and train station. We stayed in the bottom motel unit. The rooms were very clean, lots of television channels, and good hot water. Each room came equipped with soap, shampoo, and a make-up cloth. My wife says the ladies will know what that means. Across the way from the bottom room were the chalets. They were two-story townhouse like apartments. There were paths to walk to them and also a paved road led around to individual parking areas. There were also cabins above the upper motel rooms and they also had there own parking. We talked to a woman while in the Jacuzzi that had stayed there several times. She had always stayed in either the cabins or the chalets. Even though the chalets looked nicer she liked the cabins better. She felt they had more seclusion and each had a gas fireplace. The chalets had an upstairs bedroom and she felt they might be better for larger families. She had always been there with her husband and small daughter. She also said the cabins had fairly large dinning areas. Both the cabins and the chalets have small viewing decks with seating.

I had been here before and decided to bring my wife here for our anniversary. The first time was in April and this time was in early February. At both times the landscape and shrubbery were beautiful. Beside the waterfall and the train station another great aspect of the Queen is the air domed pool and Jacuzzi. This area gets snow and was cold at night when we were there in February. However, an air dome above the pool/Jacuzzi makes for a very unique and romantic spot. The pool doesn’t close till 11:00PM and is far from the rooms so that any splashing and the like would not disturb other guests.

Romantic Northern Queen InnWe had both dinner and breakfast at the restaurant. We found the meals to be reasonably priced and we both came away filled. The meals were delicious. While there I checked out the bathrooms and found them clean and well maintained. They had tile throughout. The staff was very friendly in both the restaurant and the motel, while the hostess seemed a little reserved to my liking.

I would very much recommend this as a romantic retreat “special”.

Article Submitted By: John & Peggy Crosby, Susanville, California

The Northern Queen Inn: March 2010