Have you ever touched something and know for sure that is keeps 2,500 year worth of history of war, misery, love, valor, and tragedy? That is what the Coastal Redwoods can bring to you. It is the vastness of its memories and the depth of its emotions that crawls upon you and make you realize how purity and simplicity and make people and relationships stronger which makes it perfect for honeymoon weekend getaways. For couples who want some romantic getaways to propose, romantic restaurants to nourish their love or simply spend time with each other, Coastal Redwoods is the spot for you.

Turtle Rocks Ocean Front Inn - Northern California RomanceThe Turtle Rocks Oceanfront Inn is perfect for honeymoon weekend getaways. Located on three oceanfront acres in a wind-protected cove just south of Patrick’s Point State Park, the inn hovers above the Turtle Rocks. The misty sky, the dancing wave and the smell of the forest makes it perfect for honeymoon weekend getaways. There are nearby romantic restaurants.

Make your honeymoon weekend getaways more active by jogging, walking, biking or hiking in the woods. The Elk Prairie is a campsite found in Prairie Creek Redwoods SP next to the Redwood National Park. You will also find romantic restaurants around but it is sitting around a campfire with your partner while you read her some romantic quotes makes honeymoon weekend getaways perfect.

The road through the Avenue of the Giants is an ideal relaxing time for couples on their honeymoon weekend getaways. This is the main route going to the Humboldt Redwoods State Park. You can stop by some romantic restaurants. As you pass the proud giant trees which is the largest remaining stand of virgin redwoods in the world you will most likely forget you are just passing by and this is not a destination for honeymoon weekend getaways. You can stop by the Riverwood Inn, a romantic restaurants, to try one of their famous 32 tequilas or enjoy a game of pool.

Honeymoon weekend getaways take a vintage turn with the Eureka Old Town Waterfront. How many times can you say that you walked the streets of the 1800s with the one you love? Eureka was the lumber town during the Victorian era, when women wore lungs-exploding corsets and men wore hats and carry canes. These blocks of vintage commercial buildings, which also have romantic restaurants, have been lovingly restored which any couple can walk down for an instant time travel on their honeymoon weekend getaways.

Honeymoon weekend getaways  can be relaxing too with the Humboldt County Mural Tour. It is the mural capital of the world. Here, area buildings aren’t made of glass or stone or steel. Walls of romantic restaurants are painted by some of the greatest artists in the world.

Honeymoon weekend getaways in Coastal Redwoods wouldn’t be complete without seeing the ten trees: Big Tree, Corkscrew Tree, Tall Tree, Giant Tree, Founders Tree, Dyerville Giant, Girdled Tree, Albino Redwoods, Johnson Trail Trees, and Trees of Mystery.

With Coastal Redwoods, romantic getaways will never be the same again.