Romance isn’t only for St. Valentine’s Day and anniversaries or at least it shouldn’t be. I’ve always thought that the most romantic gestures are the ones made on ordinary days. It makes you feel special when you know your partner doesn’t have to be prompted by a date on a calendar to buy your favorite flowers or to serve you breakfast in bed.

I suppose that sometimes we just get so wrapped up in our busy lives that we forget about romance. It seems that for some people dinner twice a year passes as a romantic idea but I don’t think that’s good enough for me. It’s not that I want expensive and romantic gifts every day and I certainly don’t expect my husband to fly me to Paris for the weekend but I certainly do like a bit of spontaneity in my life.

Romantic PicnicIn fact everyone likes surprises; instead of waiting for your anniversary next month tell your wife to get dressed after work because you’re going somewhere romantic for dinner. He’s been dying to see the new transformers in cinema which you’ll probably hate but compromise is romantic so surprise him with tickets. Even better, come home and tell your partner your going away for the weekend and you’ve already made all the arrangements. These are all treats I’m sure any partner would appreciate but spontaneity can be simple too.

It’s nice when your partner calls you up to tell you not to forget the milk and also that he loves you but I find it a romantic surprise when my husband calls me up for no other reason than to tell me that he loves me. I like it when my husband compliments me before we go out, but I love it when he stops me in the middle of a conversation and tells me I have a great smile. My husband, on the other hand, really appreciated it when I surprised him by meeting up with him to have lunch during his work break. He also really enjoys it when I bring him home a packet of his favourite crisps. These small gestures are my romance and as effortless as it sounds sometimes all it takes is an unexpected wink.

The truth is that everyone wants to feel appreciated and why should that be something that’s only experienced on special days. So take one tiny moment out of your busy life every now and then to show your partner that you care in some unexpected way.