I’ve always found it hard to choose gifts, let alone romantic gifts, for boyfriends and I don’t think that I’m the only one. I suppose in general woman want men to be more sophisticated than they really are which is why they make it a difficult quest to find the perfect gift when most men would settle for a remote control car.  A remote control car might not be a romantic gift but the average man does not care about pot plants and heart shaped chocolates from Switzerland. They don’t want tickets to see a dreamy play showing in theater but rather tickets to see their favorite sports team or the latest action movie. And in general, if he doesn’t wear designer button up shirts he’s not about to start liking them just because you bought him one.

However, if you really do feel the need for that anniversary gift to be romantic then there are some exceptions. Buy him that watch he’s been talking about and to add the romance, get it engraved with a personal message. An engraving, although not the most original idea, is an individual touch and that is a part of what romance is made of. In fact I believe that almost always, keeping it personal is the key to success. A year ago, when my husband was going through a rough patch and failing to express himself, I found a leather-bound journal with faded world maps on the inside of the covers (He loves maps) and I had an engraving put in the leather. Just the facts that I paid attention to his needs and his taste and added a personal detail made this simple gift a total success.

However, when it comes to new relationships sometimes it’s hard to be personal because after all you’re still getting to know each other. So if you are really stuck at what to get him, then lingerie is almost always a fail proof. Don’t be foolish by thinking it’s a daft idea because it’s a gift for yourself, because it isn’t. I assure you that a set of sexy underwear and maybe a massage is all the romance he wants. Truthfully though, whether you’re buying him a Leatherman, a computer game or a Lazy-boy he’s not even going to notice it isn’t romantic unless it’s briefs or socks.