Over the years, my husband and I have had many opportunities to take romantic getaways; from short weekend trips to Tahoe or San Francisco, to week-long trips to Hawaii and Las Vegas.  However, here in Northern California, there is a wealth of fun and romantic getaways / activities right in our own backyard.  I’ve put together my own personal Top 4 Wish List of romantic getaways I’d like to make at sometime in the near future.  Big hint to the hubby!  😉

Top 4 Romantic Getaways Wish List

  1. Skunk Train Romantic Getaways

    Skunk Train Romantic GetawaysI love the mountains and being surrounded by trees.  It’s always so peaceful.  The redwood trees of Northern California are some of the most majestic I’ve seen.  Several friends and family have recommended this trip and I’d love to go.  The Skunk Train offers several options, one-way and round trips to and from Fort Bragg and Willits, as well as a mid-point stop at Northspur with a return to Fort Bragg or Willits.

    If you are interested, The Skunk Train is offering a $50 gas voucher if you stay two (2) nights at the Weller House Inn.  This makes the trip even more enticing.  Not only do you get to enjoy the scenic views of the redwoods and stay at a lovely B&B, they’ll even help pay for your gas to get there!  The Weller House is a Victorian Bed & Breakfast in Fort Bragg.  You can even see the Skunk Train Depot from their fourth floor ballroom!

  2. Shasta Caverns

    Shasta Caverns Romantic GetawaysI know this is one thing Devin would prefer to avoid.  He’s never been big on confined places.  However, I’ve included it in this list because it is something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid.  The perfect romantic getaway would include a camping trip to one of the many campgrounds around Shasta Lake, a trip to the Shasta Caverns, a nice dinner in either Mt. Shasta City or Redding, roasting marshmallows for S’mores and just getting some quite alone time with the hubby.

  3. Sacramento River Dinner Cruise Romantic Getaways

    Sacramento Dinner Cruise Romantic GetawaysOne of my favorite things to do in Hawaii are the dinner cruises.  They offer great views, great food, and a relaxing environment.  So, why not have that same experience right here?  We live close enough to Sacramento that this could easily be a one night romantic getaway.  The Hornblower offers a Dinner Dance Cruise that seems perfect for a unique date night.

  4. Hot Air Balloon Ride over Sonoma Valley

    Hot Air Balloon Ride Romantic GetawaysOk, so I’m going to have to apologize to Devin for this one too.  Heights aren’t really his thing either.  Although, I think he’d be willing to try this one out.  A romantic getaway trip into wine country with the highlight being a Hot Air Balloon Ride! I really couldn’t say it better than this quote from Up & Away.

    “Depending on the altitude, you may see the Pacific Ocean, look into the Napa Valley or on a clear day, the buildings in San Francisco 60 miles away! At lower altitudes we will fly just above the grapevines and see rabbits, deer and other wildlife. We may even dip into a lake or pond for a “Splash and Dash”. When the pilot is not adding heat to the balloon, you will hear peace and quiet. You will also feel the unique experience of looking out all four “windows”. No other form of flight offers such oneness with nature.”

So, there are obviously a ton of other romantic getaways in Northern California, but I didn’t want to get into too many of them here.  What are some of your Wish List of romantic getaways here in Northern California?