Married couples may want to take a page out of their kids’ book. Think about the times you have seen your kids laugh and giggle with joy. Those times are most likely when they are watching the antics of animals. Adults can also share in the fun. Take a look at some of the places spouses can go to enjoy a walk on the wild side:

Visit the Zoo

Pick a time when a nearby zoo won’t be overrun with kids; normally a weekday. You want to have a quiet, leisurely time strolling down the paths, holding hands, and watching your favorite animals frolic.

Take time to talk about the animals you see. You can even play a little game. Which animal would you be if you could? Choose one of the animals that you see and tell your spouse why you chose that particular animal. You might just learn something new about how your spouse feels about life and love.

You can also be interactive by feeding the animals you can by hand and visiting the petting zoo. Many zoos also have shows you can watch. But, the visit isn’t just about the animals. There are often cute little places to share a lunch. You’ll usually find a pretty park atmosphere where you can sit and relax while you listen to the lions roar and the birds sing. Close your eyes and pretend you’re on an exotic safari.

Visit the Aquarium

The peaceful atmosphere of an aquarium is also a perfect place to relax with your spouse. Aquariums normally have both bright sunny areas as well as the cooler, subdued tanks. The atmosphere alone of an aquarium feels soothing and romantic. Choose a day when it won’t be as crowded so you can spend quiet time together gazing at the amazing species, and each other.

You won’t want to miss the penguins, walruses, dolphins, and even whales. Take time to read the information to learn more. Simple facts about the creatures we share the earth with can open up great discussions. Consider the fact that male penguins watch over the unborn eggs. This can certainly give a young couple something to talk about!

Many aquariums have interactive displays such as petting tanks for baby sharks, skates, rays, as well as other beautiful sea creatures. This experience can give a couple something to share and laugh about. Romance, laughter, and nature often go hand-in-hand.

Go to the Circus

Want to enjoy wildlife with a bit of drama and flare? Get ready for the chills and thrills of the big top tent. Share popcorn and a soda as you watch death-defying feats. You’ll have a lot of laughs with your sweetie, along with a few screams. Sit real close and hang on tight to get ready for all those scary moments. There’s a little romance right there!

Your trip to the circus is just for the two of you to relax and communicate on an entirely new level. Enjoy each other without worrying about how the kids are enjoying the show. Get to the circus a bit early and walk around. You may even get an up close and personal moment with some of the animals. Some zoos even offer rides on the elephants. Take advantage if you can for some real fun.

Visit a Pet Store or Shelter

Snuggling with kittens and puppies can bring out the cute in anybody. There’s nothing that softens a person or a mood more than cuddling fuzzy bundles of love. Most pet stores and humane shelters will welcome the attention you give to their kittens and puppies. Watch your spouse get all mushy about a pet and your heart will get all mushy for them!

Spend time in the animal kingdom with your spouse. Laughing at their antics will lighten your heart and give you reason to fall in love with your spouse all over again.