Pampering is expensive in a spa. But, who says you have to go to a spa for all that special treatment? You know what you like, and you can probably guess what your spouse likes. So, why not create a nice spa atmosphere right in your own home?

The spa treatment can include facials, massages, or foot and hand soaks. Whatever you decide to do for your spa day at home, set the mood and get everything ready ahead of time so there are no interruptions.  Here are a few suggestions for designing an inexpensive spa at home for you and your spouse:

The Atmosphere

Most spas distinguish themselves first and foremost with their personal style or atmosphere. Begin by choosing an area in your bedroom, living room, bathroom, or guest room that is cozy and quiet. Depending on the services your spa day will be providing, you’ll need to set up specific furniture and equipment. However, there are amenities common to all spas that let you know you are in for a treat.

Begin with soft, warm lighting. Draw the drapes and turn lamps on low. Set candles around the room, using candles in containers for safety. Use scented candles that you enjoy to add pleasant aroma to the room. Finally, be sure to have soft music! Silence is golden, but lovely music adds something to the hushed sounds of the spa.

The spa treatment or treatments you choose to do will be shared with your spouse. Your couple’s spa day is give and take, sort of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” You’ll want to either swap treatments right away, or choose alternating days. Let’s look at a few basic services most pampered spa guests like to receive:


You will need a comfortable place to lay, first and foremost. Make sure the height suits the person giving the massage so the masseuse doesn’t suffer a sore back as a result of this treatment. Cover the massage table with warmed towels, blankets, and sheets. The clothes dryer works well for this. Arrange your lotions or oils so they are convenient to you. Help your spouse get comfortable on top of the warmed linens, then warm up your hands and begin.

Just use your best technique to make your partner feel relaxed. Aim for about a fifteen to twenty minute massage to give your spouse time to really relax. Be sure to include those tender feet, shoulders, neck, and back. Then, depending on what you planned, switch places and continue with the next massage.

Foot Soak

This is a popular spa treatment that both men and women enjoy. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on fancy equipment or ingredients. Choose a couple sturdy plastic bins and fill them with warm water and any gentle soap you like. You can even add natural ingredients like vanilla, honey, oatmeal, and peppermint oil for a real organic and aromatic soak. Let your spouse soak in quiet for about five to ten minutes, then use a nice scrub or a washcloth and gently scrub the feet and legs. Then pour fresh water over and dry the feet and legs with warm towels.

Now pull up a comfortable stool to sit on in front of your spouse. Choose a lotion or oil that your spouse likes and gently massage all over the feet and up the ankles and calves. Use gentle massaging movements and push gently into soles of feet with your thumbs to relax sore muscles. When finished, wrap your spouse’s feet and legs in warm dry towels to continue the relaxation. Now, when it’s your turn, your spouse will know exactly what to do for you!

This shared spa experience is a great way to share intimacy in your relationship. Learning what each other likes is the first step to creating a romantic life together.  By giving your spouse a spa treatment, you not only give your spouse a wonderful experience, but you prepare your spouse to give you the same.