Does a romantic backyard seem counter intuitive?  Is your backyard a kids-only territory? Does the swing-set make it seem like your backyard is off limits for adults? It shouldn’t be that way. The backyard is a playground for you as well as your kids. Rediscover the potential of the outdoors with these romantic backyard date ideas. Let’s look at some of the ways you can turn your backyard into a grownup playground:

Romantic Backyard Ideas

A Romantic Playground For Grownups

You’ll discover your silly side and feel sexy at the same time when you play tag or moonlight-moonlight in your own backyard without the kids. Don’t forget about that swing-set. Enjoy the gentle swaying of the swings or take a quick and exhilarating trip down the slide. A jungle gym is the perfect place for tickles and stolen kisses.

Chasing your significant other around the backyard may bring back those feelings you shared during the chase you enjoyed while you were dating. And don’t forget that running around also releases endorphins which are the feel-good hormones. That can only improve the rest of your evening together!

Romantic Picnic for Two

Pack a basket with your favorite snacks, food, and drinks. Include sexy foods like grapes, cheese, strawberries, and chocolate; foods that you can feed each other and nibble slowly. Make the picnic pretty by including your nice dinnerware and napkins. Don’t forget your favorite stemware for your beverages.

Take a big blanket and spread it out under a tree in the backyard. You may want to bring a few pillows out, too, so you can rest your head as you gaze up at the sky, or into your significant other’s eyes. You may also want to bring a book of poems to read out loud. The idea is to eat and talk about anything but the kids and the bills. Try a game of twenty questions. No matter how long you’ve been married there are always things that you didn’t know about your significant other. Spend this time alone to find out.

Romantic Dinner a la Ritz

Turn your patio table into a five star restaurant with candles and your finest dinnerware and linens. Use inexpensive fabric or sheets to cover the chairs to make them prettier, and then add cushions and pillows. Add romance and privacy to your outdoor dining room by draping fabric from the rafters or railings to close in the area. Use your imagination and dig around your linen closet to create a budget-friendly dining room. Steal the sheets off your bed if you have to! The more cozy and comfy, the more romantic.

There are many romantic meals that can be tweaked to stay within a tight budget. Recreate a classically romantic meal such as ‘Chateaubriand For Two’ on a budget by using a less expensive cut of meat, but keep the traditional red wine and tarragon sauce, as well as the Chateau potatoes, which are both relatively inexpensive to make. Save your money for the special touches; the food will quickly become less important as the romance heats up.

Light My Fire

Freestanding fire pits are another way to set the mood for romance. They are designed for the backyard and come in a variety of styles and prices, some very affordable. You can enjoy the fire without worry as they come with safety screens to guard against flying sparks. Spend a nice evening by a warm fire snuggling together and ignite more than just a pile of wood!

Begin your evening just as the sun is setting so you can enjoy the shades of orange, red, and purple. Then, as the sky gets dark, draw in close to the fire and gaze into the flickering flames. The sunset, firelight, moon, and stars will do wonders for setting the stage for soft talk and romance.

Use these ideas to spark your imagination and create romantic fun in your own backyard. Surprise your significant other with a romantic dinner or a game of hide-and-seek and feel like a newlywed again.