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As most Northern Californians know, many people seem to think that California ends at San Francisco. It's easy to understand why people think this simply because our state is so large. In reality, there are nearly 400 miles of gorgeous coastal views and quaint little towns that stand between San Francisco and California's northern border. We hope to change this perception and are adding more information all the time, so keep checking back to see whats new.

A walk down the streets of romance is what awaits you at these Northern California romantic places.  Every step is a guaranteed footprint to happiness and every corner is a secluded pocket of quaint kisses. From the perpetual blooming flowers in San Francisco streets to the adventurous slopes of Lake Tahoe to the mystic silence of the Napa and Sonoma Vineyards, Northern California offers couples of any age and taste an experience that is sure to create memories and reinforce romance that will last for years to come.

Here are some romantic places you can check out.

Shasta Cascades
In the Shasta Cascades, Northern California you will find romantic places like the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway. This 500 mile stretch from volcano to volcano is a journey of a thousand discoveries. Here you will experience the peaceful ending of nature’s violent process. You can visit Lake Almanor to experience water paradise. You can sit quietly with your loved one while fishing, run around freely with your dog, hike and bike before retiring to a lakeside campsite. Not far is the Lassen Volcanic National Park where you can witness boiling mudpots and steaming fumaroles of Northern California Bumpass Hell, Boiling Springs lakes and Terminal Geyser. If hot and steamy aren’t your thing, it also has 150 miles of green land you can hike, warm water you can take a dip in and romantic restaurants you can check out.

Lake Tahoe
To not include Lake Tahoe Northern California on any list of romantic places is unforgivable. It is a true escape from the chaos of everyday life. You can share the experience of sliding down the cotton like slopes with your love, scream and shiver as you brave the rugged waters on your rafting trip, glide and giggle as you swim through the clear water, and swift the sky as you para-glide and skydive. Lake Tahoe offers other romantic places where you can fall in love again with life and with each other.

Redwood Forest
The glamorous mystery that Redwood Forest offers is a stark contrast to the bubbly fun that San Francisco Northern California is known for. The romantic places you will find in the Redwood Coast is nature’s visual feast with trees taller and older than the Statue of Liberty, endless miles of hiking trails with a bonus epic-like view of towering cliffs, heavenly camping and picnic sites with the lullaby of crashing waves, and breathtaking Northern California wildlife like bears, elk and deer.

Abigail’s Victorian Mansion
It won’t be the first time for Abigail’s Victorian Mansion to be called the ultimate Northern California lodging experience and one of the most romantic places in Northern California but I say it is more of a ticket to the Victorian Royalty experience. The large beds, spacious bathrooms and a place full of memorabilia can take you through the decades of years passed.

Farmhouse Inn & Spa in Sonoma County
When you feel like rushing back in time, The Farmhouse Inn & Spa in Sonoma Country Northern California can transport you to the time and era where working men hung out in rustic barns with their gritty clothes and tired hands reaching for a mug of foamy homemade beer. Its rustic view doesn’t say much about the comfort it offers though. You can spoil yourselves with organic spa treatments, fresh gourmet meals, and bucolic winery treat.

Yosemite, Northern California is almost hypnotic. There are many romantic places here. You can opt to go to High Sierra Camps for the warmth and comfort. It is as natural as nature can get. Being accessible only by foot or saddle, you will find yourself breathing the forest’s clean air for five kinds of hikes to camp. There are more romantic places available, like The Ahwahnee which offers a more elegant vacation. It is preferred by royals, Presidents, and celebrities. It is perfectly designed to evoke elegance from its architecture to its food service. From almost any point of the hotel, you can see the Yosemite Falls, Half Dome and Glacier Point.

Mendocino Northern California is a town that offers serenity. It descends upon you the peace and tranquility that modern living often steals. The town is full of romantic drama as it feels like it intentionally suspends modernity in favor of its pastoral living. It is known for its romantic restaurants, whale watching, fishing festivals, the cliffs and forest line ideal for hiking, biking and kayaking, and its local chocolate, coffee, cookie, ice cream and wine tasting trips.

Bodega Bay
“Stop and smell the roses” is an expression that has been thrown around so much, humanity has lost in its soul what it truly means. Bodega Bay Northern California can remind you what it means especially to couples looking to rediscover love. Bodega Bay is home to different romantic places like county farms and gardens. The Green String Farm is a sustainable farm that works with nature to grow crops. You can shop for raw honey and other exquisite goods at the Lavender Bee Farm, and there is the Vintage Gardens Antique Roses where you can literally walk through the garden of blooming flowers.

Fort Bragg
Fort Bragg is north of Mendocino Northern California. It offers many romantic places that allow any couple a smooth escape from the smoke and hustle of the city to a clean glimmer of the morning sun. You can trout the clean blue water of Shasta and let the cabins nestle you like a baby. To hike, to fish, to walk the path of nature-filled mountains… to dine, to dance, to play some sports surrounded by the protective arms of strong and tall trees. This part of Northern California has other romantic places like Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, romantic restaurants, the famous Skunk Train from Fort Bragg to Willits, and other activities like whale watching, sports fishing, kayaking, and beachcombing, along with bird-watching, horseback riding, hiking and biking can put any couple in an atmosphere of honeymoon.

Eureka Northern California is an old town that gives you every reason to be nostalgic and fall in love with the past. Its many romantic places are actually restored from its ancient past that proudly carries its history. Walking with your love one hand in hand in a lazy afternoon will never be as exciting. Even its hiking trails feel relaxing that it almost makes you feel like it is a perfect time to snuggle close to each other.

I hope you find your perfect romantic spot of your own.  Northern California is full of romantic places.


Every couple agrees that there’s a certain romance to getting away from it all with romantic weekend getaways—the stressful work life, the intricacies of living in a city, and the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Romantic weekend getaways help preserve, strengthen, and even mend relationships, so it is sensible to plan such a trip every now and then with your partner. The trip does not have to be lengthy and extravagant because short weekend getaways on a budget can be surprisingly as exciting, wonderful, and romantic.  Weekend getaways on impulse have their own special brand of romance so don’t beat yourself up over painstakingly planning the most romantic weekend when everything can be nearly as simple as getting in the car and driving away.

If you live in California or in nearby states, you’re quite lucky because there are plenty of places where you and your partner can spend a romantic getaway without  worrying about spending too much. To give you some ideas, here are some of the most wonderful places in northern California where couples usually retreat to and spend weekend getaways in.

Top 10 Low Budget Weekend Getaways in Northern California

  1. South Lake Tahoe: being an easy drive from San Francisco, Sacramento, Reno, and from other nearby towns, South Lake Tahoe is a favorite location for weekend getaways. Other than the fact that it is a beautiful area, the lake and the surrounding nature make a wide range of activities possible. Skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, trekking, parasailing, kayaking and swimming are just some activities you can do at South Lake Tahoe. No matter in what season you want to have a romantic weekend getaway there, there’s always an activity just around the corner.
  2. Lake Berryessa: as one of the largest bodies of fresh water in the state of California, Lake Berryessa and its surrounding area offer year-round recreation and fun. There are a lot of privately managed resorts around the lake so you’ll definitely find some that are friendly to your pocket. Cabins for rent, camping grounds for RVs and tents, or idyllic bed-and-breakfast inns tucked in the nearby hills—in this romantic place, you’ll definitely find an accommodation that will suit your standards and your budget.
  3. Lake County: home to several small vineyards, orchards, farms, and lovely little towns, Lake County is perfect for romantic getaways because it is the kind of place to fall in love all over again. Although full service resorts around the lake can be really expensive, there are also plenty of affordable types of accommodation like quaint motels, bed-and-breakfast inns, and lakeside camping grounds.
  4. Mendocino: the charming villages, breathtaking beaches, and rugged coastlines of this place beckon you to escape to a slower pace. Weekend getaways in Mendocino with the love of your life will prompt you to enjoy the quietness and the comfort of just being together while enjoying a scenic view of the Pacific Ocean or while wandering together through one of Mendocino’s villages.
  5. Eureka: quaint Victorian buildings abound in the small, humble city of Eureka and being so makes it more like a seaside resort than a city. This place is blessed with plentiful and diverse attractions. Other than its many historical places and its national and state parks, Eureka also offers several by ways, back ways, and historical routes exploring the diverse wildlife and landscape. Accommodation of all sorts is available so you’ll definitely find one that fits your budget.
  6. Napa Valley: Napa Valley is well known not only in California but also throughout the world. This very fact already says a lot about this place. And if you live near this region but have never been there, then you are really missing out a lot. Napa Valley is an amazing place! Its rolling hills neatly lined up with fragrant vines are a sight to behold, especially in spring and in autumn. Take your partner and cruise along Napa Valley’s winding roads, then enjoy a sip of its world class Cabernet together. Visiting this place will definitely sizzle up romance between you and your partner.
  7. Shasta Lake: located in the Shasta Trinity National Forest in Northern California, Shasta Lake, with its forested shoreline and its clear waters, is perfect for quiet romantic getaways. The best way to enjoy this place is to rent a houseboat because there are plenty of deserted coves for mooring your floating lodge overnight. If a houseboat is a bit over your budget, other types of accommodation are also available.
  8. Lake Oroville: Lake Oroville is a man-made lake in northern California that is now a huge recreation area offering outdoor activities like boating, horse-back riding, biking, and hiking. Fishing and guided tours are also some of the things you can do at Lake Oroville but the main reason why most guests spend their weekend getaways there is because they want to take advantage of the unique and affordable floating campsites.
  9. Sausalito: Romantic getaways in Sausalito mean a having a relaxing afternoon in one of its sidewalk café’s or bistros while watching the boats sail by. This place offers a lot of water activities and unique excursions for guests to do so they can experience the place and its nautical way of life better. Accommodations range from five stars hotels to very affordable camping places so there should be some that will meet your standards and your budget.
  10. Yosemite: this place is a perfect place for romantic weekend getaways with a touch of adventure. Considered by many as among the world’s very best climbing sites, Yosemite Valley offers more than a customary hiking so unless you and your partner are ready for a tough outdoor activity, better enjoy the region doing some of its easy hiking trips like the hike to the striking Bridalveil Falls and to Lower Yosemite Falls.

Weekend getaways ought to be possible on a shoestring budget. So take your pick—lake view or ocean view, rolling hills or rugged mountains, quaint seaside towns or sleepy mountain villages—all of them can be enchantingly romantic and at the same time, affordable.



October 4, 2012

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September 25, 2012

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